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Hike and Walk Tips

Hiking is an easy, fun to way to get exercise! It's also a great activity to do on rest days because it's low impact. As cheerleaders, it's important to find a balance between staying in shape and resting. Hiking is a great balance. Below, we have listed some tips to make your hiking experiences the most enjoyable!

The Basics

  1. Shoes are important. Wearing unsupportive shoes can result in pain and leave you off your feet for a few days. This, of course, is not ideal, so make sure to wear socks and cushiony tennis shoes.

  2. Check the weather. Weather will determine what you wear on your hike. Dressing for the wrong conditions may make it uncomfortable to complete your walk or hike. Regarding hikes, bad weather, such as rain, could cancel your hike altogether.

  3. Bring food and water. Staying energized and hydrated will keep you from getting fatigued too quickly. Try to pack foods with protein if you are going for a long or difficult hike. Refreshing fruits and vegetables, such as frozen grapes or cucumbers, help boost your energy on a hot day.

  4. Wear sunscreen! Being on an exposed trail or sidewalk without sunscreen will surely leave you with a bad sunburn. It's painful, but also extremely dangerous. Before you leave for your hike, make sure you apply and pack some to reapply. The most vulnerable areas are usually the neck, shoulders, and face.


  1. Stretch before you hike. This will decrease your likelihood of injury. It also increases your range of motion, making it easier to walk faster and longer. Putting focus on the whole leg is important. You should try to incorporate at least one stretch for your foot, calf, quad, hamstring, and hip.

  2. Know your route. When you're hiking, you want your focus to be on other things than "Where am I?" Having an idea of where your walk/hike takes you, beforehand, will allow you to stay in the moment rather than having to check your phone consistently. Also make sure you can handle the length and difficulty before you embark on your walk. This will help you plan how much you will need to hike before turning around.

  3. Bring a buddy and/or let people know where you're going. Being prepared for any situation is important if you decide to hike in a more remote area. If you need help, sometimes the only way people can reach you is if they knew where you were going. Bringing a buddy can also ensure that you are safe if you need help. It may feel like a hassle sometimes, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Besides, hiking with a friend can make it more fun!

  4. Listen to music and enjoy the scenery. Hiking is a great way to get a break from your everyday routine. It can become a major stress reliever, so take advantage of the opportunities you have to go outside. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to walk the fastest or endure a trail that is too challenging. After all, walking is a rest-day activity.

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