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Best Thing You Can Do in the Morning

Stay off your phone when you wake up!

Many people use the first hour of their morning to check their phones. They tell themselves that it is the best time to do so because it'll allow them to focus on their work later. While this sounds like a well-thought-out idea, it can affect our day more than we think. This habit can make us unhappy, which is not a good tone to set for the day. If we instead spend that hour meditating, eating breakfast, or working out, we will be better equipped to process everything we later see on our phones. This is especially important with the amount of time we have to spend on electronics for school every day. Many have probably already started to notice the effects of the extra screen time. Some include headaches, dizziness, and even trouble viewing objects at a distance. It is now crucial to take every opportunity we have to be without phones. In a time where most interactions and activities are digital, spending the rest of our time staying present will serve us best. Our lives will be more abundant if we can overcome checking our phones first thing.

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