Donation Page!


These donations are used to run and maintain our program. Funds are used for (but aren’t limited to): team practice wear, game transportation (we pay for our own buses, the district does not provide this), practice materials (tumbling mats, weights, disinfectant for mats and equipment), first aid kits, game speaker, coaches pay, banquet, etc.)

Payments can be made by


-Cashiers Check,

-Money Orders (NO CASH KINDLY). 

-Checks. Please make checks Payable to the CHS Coyote Club.


-You can also can turn your donation into the office!

-If you would like to be redirected to PayPal or redirected to Calabasas Cheer's email for any further questions  please click one or the two buttons!

-Thank you for all your love and support! We love each and everyone of you! Go Coyos!